Credits for non-RUB modules (Anrechnungen)

If you have studied some economics modules away from the RUB, you may get the credits for those modules converted into RUB credits. If the non-RUB module is similar to a module taught at the RUB, you may get credits for this module. If the non-RUB module is not comparable to a RUB module, but it fits into the RUB module structure, you may get a credit in an "Applied Economics" module (BSc) or in an "Advanced Applied Economics" module (MSc) (please check the examination regulations, Prüfungsordnung).

Although it may sound tautological, please remember that only economics modules can be converted into economics credits at RUB. Also, within economics I only credit microeconomic oriented modules. For other topics, please contact the corresponding colleague.

In order to check whether the non-RUB credits can be converted into RUB credits, the procedure is as follows. Please send an email from your RUB-account to julio.robledo(at)rub(.)de (and not to our general email address appliedmicro(at)rub(.)de!) with the subject "Credit of non-RUB modules from University of XYZ".

Please do not send any documents by post or hand any documents in person. The original documents are only needed at the very last step, when we meet in person so I can sign the recognition form.

Make sure that your mail includes all of the following information:

1) Your RUB degree (Bachelor, Master, etc.)
2) Your exchange type (Erasmus, university change, etc.)
3) In order to estimate the content and the level of the non-RUB module, I need the following details of the non-RUB module:
3.1) Module name
3.2) ECTS or credits
3.3) Contact/teaching hours ("Semesterwochenstunden")
3.4) Degree the module belongs to
3.5) Syllabus
3.6) Literature
3.7) WWW link of module
4) State in your email whether
4.1) you want the non-RUB credits to be converted into a specific RUB module I teach in Bochum and specify which module,
or whether
4.2) you want a general credit in an "Applied Economics" module (BSc) or in an "Advanced Applied Economics" module (MSc).

Please use the structure described above in your email and make sure you include all details in your email. You should also attach PDF files containing the syllabus and the literature of the non-RUB module. Please do not send DOC or DOCX files. Not everybody works with Microsoft Office and, what is more, office files may contain computer viruses and similar problematic content.

Once I have all details, I will get back to you as soon as possible.