Extra Points (Bonuspunkte)

In Bochum, many chairs give extra or bonus points during the semester based on exercise solving, attendance or other criteria. These bonus points contribute to your mark. For instance, if you attend all tutorials, you get a 10 point credit towards your exam, which improves your mark. So, bonus points set an incentive to do more work during the semester.

However, it may happen in the end of the semester that two equal exams get a different mark because one student attended all tutorials (and thus earned a lot of bonus points) and another student did not earn any bonus points because she preferred to study on her own.

Nowadays most modules are assessed with a written exam. I believe that it is not fair that two equal exams get a different mark depending on the student's learning style. Since what matters is the learning outcome, the only thing that should matter is the exam. For this reason we have no bonus or extra points in all our modules.

We hope that you have enough intrinsic motivation to attend and participate in our lecture and tutorial classes. Last but not least, there is a big if indirect benefit of attending all classes. Previous results show that students working from day one through the materials are much more successful at the exam.