Grundlagen der Mikroökonomik WS 2017/2018

The module "Grundlagen der Mikroökonomik" will start on Wednesday, 18.10.2017, 12-14h in Audimax. Tutorials start on Monday, 23.10.2017.

Wednesday, 12-14h, Audimax
Thursday, 16-18h, Audimax

Monday, 12-14h, UFO 0/09
Monday, 14-16h, UFO 0/09
Monday, 16-18h, UFO 0/09
Tuesday, 10-12h, UFO 0/09
Wednesday, 14-16h, HZO 70
Wednesday, 16-18h, HZO 90
Thursday, 12-14h, HGC 40
Friday, 10-12h, UFO 0/09
Friday, 12-14h, UFO 0/09

The module will be completely taught in German: slides, exercises and exam will all be in German. However, the module will closely follow the English language book "Microeconomics and Behaviour" by Frank and Cartwright, 1st edition (2013). There is no German translation of this textbook.

Since we will cover the usual standard topics of an introductory microeconomic module (consumer behaviour, behaviour of the firm, perfect competition, monopoly, imperfect competition), you can also use any other alternative textbook, for instance the original US version of the textbook "Microeconomics and Behavior" by Frank, or the textbook "Microeconomics" by Pindyck and Rubinfeld, or the German translation "Mikroökonomie" by Pindyck and Rubinfeld. In general, you can also read older editions of the textbooks, because the content does not change a lot from one edition to the next.

We will give you all information about the module in the first session on Wednesday, 18.10.2017. There is no need to email us with questions before the semester starts. Also, given the large size of the student cohort, we cannot answer individual emails that ask questions that will be answered anyway in the first session. So please be patient and attend the first session of the module on 18.10.2017, we will answer all your questions then.