Seminar Paper (Hausarbeitsschein)

According to the examination regulations of the Bachelor in Management and Economics you need to submit a written piece of research ("Hausarbeitsschein") before writing your Bachelor dissertation. This written paper does not need to get a mark, it just needs a pass. Given this setting, an effort minimizing individual will write a paper with as little effort as possible, with the only constraint that the paper has to have enough quality to pass. So the papers will not be good papers, and the learning outcome will be close to nil.

Because of this incentive situation, we do not offer the possibility of submitting such an ungraded written paper. Instead, we offer a full seminar module on applied microeconomics. In this module you will have to write and present a seminar paper. Both the written paper and the presentation will count towards the mark and, if you pass the module, you will earn 5 ECTS. You will also learn the basic steps about writing a scientific paper and we will offer support while you write the paper.

Of course the seminar paper you write and present counts as a written piece ("Hausarbeitsschein") as required by the examinations regulations.

To find out in which semesters the Bachelor seminar takes place, please look it up in the module timetable. At the start of the semester there will be an introduction about the module to present the topics and to deal with organizational matters. You will write your paper during the semester. The presentations will be blocked at the end of the semester, and we will try to leave some weeks between the presentations and the exam period.