Chair News

Exam Foundations of Entrepreneurship
The exam for Foundations of Entrepreneurship on May 15 (16-18h) takes place in HGA 10.

New Publication accepted
The article "Personality Factors, Student Resiliency, and the Moderating Role of Achievement Values in Study Progress" by Julia Backmann (University College Dublin), Matthias Weiss (CEIT), Michaéla C. Schippers (Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam), and Martin Hoegl (LMU Munich) was accepted for publication in Learning & Individual Differences.

New Publication accepted
The article "Leading Through Innovation Project Setbacks: How Authentic Leaders Keep Their Innovators Resilient" by Gisa Todt (LMU Munich), Matthias Weiss (CEIT), and Martin Hoegl (LMU Munich) was accepted for publication in the Project Management Journal.

Welcome to the Chair for Innovation Management

The Chair for Innovation Management is part of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Transformation (CEIT) and has started operations in January 2018. The chair deals with the investigation how innovations emerge in organizations and which managerial levers can serve to facilitate innovation in organizations. In this regard, a particular focus is on innovation in the context of digitization and start-ups.

The CEIT is located in Overbergstr. 17 (2nd floor) and has an additional presence in the GD building (room 03-520).