ERASMUS application for the academic year 2018/2019

On this page you will always find detailed and up-to-date information regarding the application process.

The application period for the ERASMUS exchange programme at the Faculty of Management and Economics for the academic year 2019/2020 was 25th November 2018. The application period is over. Late applications cannot be considered.

Administrative information about the application

  • The only way of applying is using our online application form. We do not accept applications by email or by snail mail.

  • In order to reach the online application form, you have to login with your working RUB login ID.

  • For the success of your application it does not matter at all when you submit your application. You don't need to rush and submit your application as soon as possible. The important thing is not missing the closing deadline.

  • We have an online application form, not an online application system where you can login several times and amend your application. Once you submit your application, you will not be able to amend any details or add any documents. So please go through the application form carefully, you have only one shot.

  • We aim to provide you with a preliminary decision in early December 2017. This will give you roughly 2 months to complete, print and sign the application form of the International Office and especially the Learning Agreement. Note that in order to prepare the Learning Agreement you need the recognition of the foreign modules by a professor of our faculty. We will give you precise instructions. Only if you provide a Learning Agreement by 26 January 2018 will it be possible to officially nominate you for an ERASMUS exchange in March/April 2018.

  • Content of the application

  • The online application form asks you for some personal and contact details.

  • You can state up to 5 host university preferences, you have to state at least one preference.

  • Here you will find a list of all our present ERAMUS partners with links to their Management and Economics departments. There, you will find information about the modules and about their English language modules.

  • At you can donwload many PDF reports from former ERASMUS students who took part in an exchange in previous years, so you can read about their ERASMUS experiences. With these first hand reports from students, you will make a better university choice.

  • Additionally, you will be able to upload the following documents as PDF. Please note that the online form will only accept PDF inputs, and that the PDF files should have a reasonable size (no PDF file should be bigger than 1 MB).

  • PDF Documents

  • Your curriculum vitae (including a photo)

  • Letter of motivation in English, approximately 1-2 pages long. You should briefly state your motivation for applying for the ERASMUS programme, why you should be admitted, and why you have chosen specific host universities.

  • Transcript of Records: You should upload your current Transcript of Records and your previous degree, i.e. Bachelor students should upload their current Transcript of Records and their Abiturzeugnis, and Master students should submit their current Transcript of Records and their Bachelor's degree. Please note that your current RUB Transcript of Records should be verifiable. You will find information how to get a verifiable Transcript of Records here: If you are in a degree (like ECUE) that does not use FlexNow but VSPL, please print, stamp and scan as PDF your current Transcript of Records.

  • Language certificates: You can check at whether your chosen host university requires or only recommends a language certificate. As you can see from the list of university partners, most universities do not require an official certificate, but instead only recommend a specific language level. Accordingly, in most cases we do not require any official certificates, either. We also know that those official certificates cost several hundred euros, and we do not want you to spend money in an application which may be successful or not. So you may simply argue that you speak the language because, for instance, you learnt English many years in school or you spent some months in the country, etc.

    Unfortunately, such statements are not as objective as having an official certificate. So if you have done any language test or plan to use the certificate further, please include those certificates with your application. Our Center for Foreign Language Acquisition (ZFA) offers several international tests, like IELTS for English, DELE for Spanish, DELF/DALF for French, and Swedex for Swedish: Of course, if you have done language courses at the ZFA (or an analogous university language centre) and have an official proof, this is also valid.

    To summarize: You don't have to include an official test or certificate result, but other things equal, having an official certificate is better than just stating that you learned the language in school or while on holiday.

  • The application period for the ERASMUS exchange programme at the Faculty of Management and Economics for the academic year 2019/2020 has started. The Application deadline was 25th November 2018. The application period is over. Late applications cannot be considered.