Transfer Credits

As we are eager to encourage our students to study abroad, we support the transfer of credit points earned at foreign universities. Contact person for all inquiries regarding the transfer of credit points in (international) economics is Prof. Busse. Please refrain from inquiries via Email but rather visit Prof. Busse (by appointment only).

Please note the following instructions before applying for credit transfer:

  • Prior to studying abroad we recommend that you consult us about the courses you plan to take at the foreign university. By doing so, you can avoid issues with transferring credit points after your return.

  • Graduate (Master) students cannot transfer credits for any undergraduate (Bachelor) courses. If you are enrolled in one of the RUB master programs, please make sure that you enroll in graduate or postgraduate courses only.

  • After your study abroad you need to fill out the relevant sections in the form for credit transfer provided by the examination office. Please bring the filled out form and detailed information on the respective courses taken abroad (official transcript) to Prof. Busse's office hours.

For a transfer of credit for courses in the area of macroeconomics, please consult Prof. Roos at the Chair of Macroeconomics. For enquiries in international economics (international trade, international finance or international macroeconomics) please contact Prof. Busse. This applies to Bachelor and Master courses.