Master’s Thesis

Prof. Busse would be pleased to supervise your master’s thesis in the fields of international or development economics. In order to qualify, you need to fulfill the following requierements:

1.    The required minimum coursework according to the relevant examination regulations (60 ECTS or more);

2.    The modules International Trade or International Macroeconomics and one of the seminars offered by our
        chair (with a grade 3.0 or better in the seminar paper) or

       the module African Economic Development (preferably with a grade 3.0 or better in the seminar paper).

Note that you cannot count credits gained in seminars from other chairs towards this requirement, but we accept seminars in international economics taken at other universities.

We would be pleased to discuss possible research topics and help studenst to choose an appropriate topic. Any initiative on your own to choose a meaningful research topic for your master's thesis is highly appreciated.

Please make sure to follow our guidelines for scientific writing here. 

Contact person for all inquiries regarding master’s thesis: Prof. Busse.