Seminar: Current Topics in Health Economics

Kick-off meeting: April 18 2019, 10:30 (s.t.), “E-Werk” at RWI in Essen
Class times: June 27/28 2019, 9:30 – 17:30 (s.t.), ”E-Werk” at RWI in Essen

Class size: Maximum 20 students
Credit points: 5 ECTS (master)
Language: English


1) The Topics will be online soon.
2) You do not have to be registered before 18.4., please show up for this Kick-off meeting well on time at the reception of the RWI.
3) The binding registration for the course takes place later via FlexNow. In addition, we will ask you to register with us by mail.

Course Description:
In this seminar, students will explore a variety of current topics in health economics. Students will get an overview of institutional characteristics of the market for and public policy towards health care. The topics will cover both empirical and theoretical contributions. Students will have the possibility to acquire the necessary knowledge and methodological skills for the successful completion of a master thesis in health economics and related fields. To this aim students will prepare a term paper based on current themes in the field of health economics. Students will prepare their seminar papers in the first half of the semester and present their papers in the second half of the semester. Further course details will be given at the introductory meeting.

For further information, see the coursebook: