Seminar on Health Economics and Health Policy

Dr. Ingo Kolodziej (

Class times:
9th-10th of January 2020, 9am–5pm, (RWI in Essen, E-Werk; Location plan:

Kick-off meeting:
October 17th, 10:00 a.m., 2019 (RWI in Essen, E-Werk)


You do not have to be registered before 17.10., please show up for this Kick-off meeting well on time at the reception of the RWI. The binding registration for the course takes place later via FlexNow. In addition, we will ask you to register with us by mail.

For further information, see the coursebook: Moodle course (Password will be provided in the Kick-Off Meeting):
HEHP - WT19/20 (WiSe19/20)