The staff of the chair is not answering my e-mail. Why is this the case?

Maybe the answer to your question is already given on the website or on the Moodle pages of CEIT. Since multiple responses to the same question are time-consuming, we reserve the right not to reply to such messages. If, however, you find a gap or a mistake in our online information, feel free to write.

In case information on the upcoming semester is missing, we kindly ask for your patience until four weeks before the beginning of classes.

Where is the chair’s office?

The chair is located at CEIT in Overbergstraße 17, just next to the U-Bahn station Lennershof.

Where and when do office hours take place?

Regular office hours are announced on the staff members’ websites. Office hours take place in Overbergstraße 17 unless this is explicitly announced or agreed otherwise. Prof. Dr. Saam offers weekly office hours in GD only during lecture time.

I have missed a deadline (registration for exams, seminars, submission of seminar papers etc.). Can you make an exception?

No, deadlines cannot be moved.


Where do I find information on the current course offerings?

You can find this information in the module handbook, in the section Teaching of this website and on the Moodle pages of CEIT. In case there is not any information, it is not yet available. Please don’t send e-mails in this case.

I want to register for a course. When is this possible and what do I have to do?

The binding registration takes place on Flexnow. Please inform yourself about the deadlines. If you miss the registration there, you may not take part in the assessment for this course. Additionally, most courses require a registration via Moodle or e-mail, which may be necessary to obtain a place or to take part in online exercises. Information on this is available in the section Teaching and on Moodle.

I want to sign out from a course. When is this possible and what do I have to do?

Officially signing out is only necessary if you have already registered on Flexnow. In this case you have to sign out before the official deadline. Afterwards, you can only sign out for unavoidable reasons (e.g. proven illness). For courses with a limited number of places, we expect that you also inform the chair if you sign out, since we may be able to offer your place to someone on the waiting list.

Could you please send me the password for the Moodle course xyz?

Courses are accessible without passwords.


When are exams and papers graded and grades published?

Exams and papers are generally graded within 2 to 3 weeks and the results are published on Flexnow. We do not send your grades via mail. In case grades for different parts of the course are not visible on Flexnow, you may call the chair after the publication on Flexnow (not before!) to receive this information.

I have submitted my seminar paper with delay. What happens?

The paper is counted as not submitted.

Can my examination date be shifted?

Examination dates cannot be shifted. The only exception is for exchange students if the exam takes place more than two weeks after the lecture period and if they are returning home before the date.

Can my exam be graded in advance or can you confirm in advance that I have passed the exam?

No, this is not possible.

Are you offering retake exams for final exams?

For written final exams there is no retake exam. Written exams are offered only in the semester of the course. Some Master modules have an oral instead of a written final exam. This oral exam can be taken every semester.

I have failed the written final exam. Can I improve my grade in an additional oral exam?

In general: no. The only exception for RUB students is if you have passed ALL other exams in order to finish your degree in the current semester. In this case we offer an additional oral exam. Before this exam, you have to prove that you have passed all other courses. We also offer an additional oral exam for exchange students if they leave RUB at the end of the semester.

Other   questions about teaching

I am interested in writing a Bachelor or Master thesis at the chair. Where do I find additional information?

Information can be found here.

How can I obtain a Hausarbeitsschein at the chair?

For every successful participant in a Bachelor seminar the chair confirms the completion of a Hausarbeitsschein to the examination office. There are no other ways to obtain a Hausarbeitsschein at the chair.

Are there style requirements for seminar papers?

You can find our style recommendations here (for the moment only in German). Please pay attention to possible further requirements that may be announced during the seminar.

Can I pass the exam and receive credit without attending the course?

The requirements for credit are announced at the beginning of each course. Beyond that no attendance is required. The active participation in class will, however, be helpful in understanding the content and passing the course successfully. The experience shows that students who attend regularly tend to perform better.

Can you confirm by e-mail whether I receive credit for a course taken abroad?

Credit transfer is confirmed only during Prof. Saam’s office hours in Overbergstraße 17. Please come with the complete documents. We do not provide information by e-mail on whether credit can be transferred.

Can I take a Bachelor course as a Master student?

In case the study regulations that apply to you allow for that possibility, you may take the courses The Economics of Digitalization and GDP and Beyond as a Master student. Please come to Prof. Dr. Saam’s office hours in Overbergstr. 17 with the corresponding form and a transcript proving that you do not have completed the same or a similar course during the Bachelor degree. Bachelor seminars are not open to Master students.