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Paper Accepted for Publication

The paper "Non-routine Environments: European-Asian Business in Times of Shock" by Sierk Horn (Hochschule München), Tomoki Sekiguchi (Kyoto University), and Matthias Weiss (CEIT) was accepted for publication in the journal Asian Business and Management.   weiterlesen

Resit Exam Foundations of Entrepreneurship

The resit exam for Foundations of Entrepreneurship will take place on June 17, 14:00h-16:00h (via Moodle and Zoom). Registration on FlexNow is possible from May 24 to June 11.   weiterlesen

New Book on Setbacks and Failure at the Workplace

The book "Work Life After Failure? How Employees Bounce Back, Learn, and Recover from Work-Related Setbacks", edited by Gisa Todt (LMU Munich), Julia Backmann (Univ. College Dublin), and Matthias Weiss (CEIT), has appeared at Emerald Publishing. The book deals with consequences of and ways to deal with setbacks and failure at the workplace.   weiterlesen

17.03.2021: New article in the Ökonomenstimme
Vera Jahn, Michael Berlemann und Robert Lehmann published an article with the topic "Ist der deutsche Mittelstand krisenfester? Empirische Evidenz aus der Großen Rezession" in the Ökonomenstimme.
12.01.2021: New Publication of a Working Paper in the CESifo Network
The paper "Is the German Mittelstand More Resistant to Crises? Empirical Evidence from the Great Recession" by Vera Jahn, Michael Berlemann and Robert Lehmann has been published in the CESifo Network.
24.11.2020: New Publication Accepted in the Journal of Organizational Behavior
The article "How Does an Emotional Culture of Joy Cultivate Team Resilience: A Socio-Cognitive Perspective" by Silja Hartmann (FU Berlin), Matthias Weiss (CEIT), Martin Hoegl (LMU Munich), and Abraham Carmeli (Tel Aviv Univ.) was accepted for publication in the Journal of Organizational Behvaior.
22.04.2020: CHANGED: Resit Exam for The People Side of Innovation
Due to the corona-pandemic, the resit exam for Foundations of Entrepreneurship will be postponed and take place on August 25, 14:00h-16:00h (room: HGD 20). Registration on FlexNow is possible from June 27 to August 18.
21.04.2020: New Publication
The chapter "Team Resilience in Organizations: A Conceptual and Theoretical Discussion of a Team-Level Concept" by Silja Hartmann (CEIT), Matthias Weiss (CEIT), and Martin Hoegl (LMU Munich) has been published in the Research Handbook on Organizational Resilience, published by Edward H. Powley, Brianna Barker Caza, and Arran Caza.
07.04.2020: DFG research grant received
The German Research Foundation (DFG) has decided to fund a research project at the Chair of Innovation Management. The project will focus on the role of incentives for team creativity.
17.03.2020: CEIT office closed from March 18 until further notice
Ruhr University, and thus CEIT, is closed from March 18 on until further notice.