Wiwi-Online Talents Program


The student Patrick Kolberg has been accepted to the program on the recommendation of Dr. Joscha Beckmann.

The winners of the 26th round of the Wiwi-Online Talents Program have been announced. The sixteen most talented students out of over one hundred and eighty applicants have been chosen to take part in the Wiwi Talents Program. The Faculty congratulates Patrick Kolberg, who based on his qualifications and a report drawn up by Dr. Joscha Beckmann has succeeded in getting accepted to the program.

Wiwi Talents Siegel

This Wiwi-Talents label highlights the exemplary role played by the Chair of International Economics in supporting this sustainable and career-promoting program. In particular the label is granted in recognition of those departments which promote young talented students and thereby set a good example in countering the shortage of skilled professionals in Germany.

In the next round of this Talents Program the most talented students can be recommended. The application process has already begun. Application deadline is 15th May, 2018. For further information please visit talents.wiwi-online.de.