XXII Annual Meeting of the Institute for Mining and Energy Law


Realignment of European energy legislation – consequences and lessons to be drawn from the new legislative package “Clean Energy for all Europeans” to be held on 22nd February, 2018 from 9am at the Events Centre, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, new Mensa, floor 04, room 2.

Defying all prophecies of doom with regard to the crisis in the European Union: European energy policy is well on the way to promoting unification – literally by increased “networking” of the different national energy systems and the plan for a European “Energy Union” as highlighted by the idea of a new Élysée-Treaty.

The proposed large-scale legislative package “Cleaner Energy for all Europeans” is ambitious. To sum it up, it extends beyond the borders of the internal energy markets and is decidedly in line with a European energy transition, putting energy efficiency first, achieving global leadership in renewable energies and climate protection as well as providing a fair deal for consumers by creating a standard electricity market design.

This involves a lot of innovative mechanisms for cooperation and coordination and consequently necessitates a realignment of primary and secondary European energy legislation. The XXII annual meeting of the Institute for Mining and Energy Law aims to examine new governance structures and to engage in a critical-constructive debate.

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