Dr. Nicola Werbeck appointed as Adjunct Professor


Environmental and Innovation Policy

During the Faculty’s recent strategy meeting‚ Dr. Nicola Werbeck, Managing Director of the Dean’s Office since 2014, was appointed as adjunct professor.

The photo shows Prof. Dr. Werbeck receiving her certificate from Prof. Dr. Helmut Karl.

Upon completion of her study of Economics in Bochum and the ensuing doctoral degree with Prof. Dr. Paul Klemmer at the Chair of Economics, she spent more than ten years working as Managing Director of a research institute which focused on environmental and innovation policy and was also responsible for the acquisition of interdisciplinary third-party funds. Prof. Dr. Werbeck teaches in the degree programme “Economic Policy Consulting” and the huge success of the “Projekte in Wissenschaft und Praxis” is largely attributed to her dedication.