The best innovations come from Bochum


The Bochum start-up company PHYSEC, a spinoff of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), has won the 7th German IT-Security Award. A jury of experts chose their unique security concept for the Internet of Things as being the best innovation submitted.

The start-up PHYSEC is a specialist in this field. Their concept „Enclosure PUF“ makes it possible to verify the integrity of computer systems and their peripherals without the availability of a continuous power supply. PHYSEC has already received many awards for this business idea, including the Bochum award “Senkrechtstarter 2016” as well as the BMWi award “Digital Start-up 2018“.

According to the jury of experts the concept ideally met with the award criteria: it is visionary, innovative and represents a new application field in IT-Security „made in Germany“. According to Dr. Christian Zenger of PHYSEC „We are very proud and accept this award from the jury of experts in recogition of the hard work of our team as a whole“. As winner of the competition the start-up received prize money to the value of 100.000 Euro to be invested in future projects.

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