The Ruhr-Universität Bochum’s „Sales Management“ Degree Programme has been rated best Management Degree Programme in Germany


On the independent rating portal students have rated the Master degree programme „Sales Management M.Sc.“ as best Management degree programme in Germany.

This degree programme has been offered by the Sales & Management Department (SMD) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum since 2016. It is characterised by a combination of innovative teaching concepts, close cooperation with businesses and the very best of scientific research. Most of all, students appreciate the programme’s practical orientation.

Top Rating by Students

On the basis of six evaluation criteria including course content, lecturers, seminars, equipment, organisation and library, the „Sales Management“ Master degree programme received an overall rating of „very good“ (4,8 out of 5 stars). All students (100%) highly recommend the programme. With this result the „Sales Management M.Sc.“ degree programme is a whole star better than the degree programmes which were ranked second and third (3,8 out of 5 stars) in this category. The excellent practical orientation coupled with close cooperation with top businesses during the entire study period are two aspects identified by students as being particularly positive.

„Sales Management“ – Master: Innovative and Practice Orientated

The Sales & Marketing Department at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum has been the first department in Europe to offer a Master degree programme in the field of „Sales Management“. The programme developed by Prof. Dr. Sascha Alavi, Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz and Prof. Dr. Jan Wieseke trains university graduates to become specialists in challenging sales activities such as key account management. The 4-semester study programme links lastest scientific research with deep insights into day to day business practice.

Combining Practice and Research

Even during their studies students are in close contact with several companies either through lectures or applied research projects. To secure practical work placement the „Sales Excellence Circle“ consisting of six companies Brenntag, HILTI, PERI, thyssenkrupp, UPS and Vorwerk, as well as an association of more than 80 other companies were founded. Included here are not only multinationals but also hidden champions (less well known world market leaders) and small family businesses. Students benefit greatly from deep insights into the working world and respective career systems. They are able to make personal contact with potential employers even before they complete their course of studies. Companies also have the possibliíty to identify sales talents at an early stage and to shape their education to their own needs.

Moveover, students profit from lectures and seminars given by international experts as a result of the extensive exchange with international partner universities in the USA, UK, Switzerland and Italy.

Innovative Didactics in Teaching

In addition, the Sales Management Master degree programme incorporates latest findings from research activities and an innovative approach in teaching. Students learn for example how to manage Big Data (Data Science). They are able to use e-Learning tools to look up what they have learned and to deepen their knowledge. Most important of all in this degree programme is the practical orientation. Students can test their theoretical knowledge in a digital business game by assuming a managerial position in a virtual company. The so-called „top-management-transfer-concept“ enables students to work closely with top managers and to examine business partner’s actual and critical sales issues and to develop suitable solutions for problems.

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