Prof. Winter receives Award for Digital Teaching


Fellowship award granted by NRW’s Ministry of Science and Foundation Association.

In a project sponsored by NRW‘s Ministry of Science and Foundation Association and aimed at promoting digital teaching in higher education Prof. Dr. Stefan Winter and Prof. Dr. Björn Rothstein from the RUB will each receive a sum of approx. 50,000 Euro which they intend to use to put their new teaching concepts into practice. These so-called fellowships will contribute to further developing digital teaching at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Online-Feedback for Students

Prof. Dr. Stefan Winter from the Faculty of Management and Economics is presently using an interactive learning app and programme in his lectures and seminars which offer students new learning strategies. In his project he aims to further develop the Stack system in mathematics, so that students are not only given individualised tasks but also get a helpful feedback to help them improve their performance and understanding. It is planned to complement the online-feedback with a mentoring programme, in which the more talented students can give support to their weaker fellow students.

The aim of the project, which is currently running, is to use online resources to provide students with an individual feedback, thereby helping them to prepare better for final examinations. This is particularly beneficial in modules which have large numbers of students.

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