Prof. Dr. Werners has been named honorary firefighter by the Stadtfeuerwehrverband Bochum (Firefighting Association Bochum)


Award granted at the Firefighting Association‘s St. Barbara:s Day celebration on 4th December, 2018

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In 2018 the award was granted to Prof. Dr. Werners. She and her team at the Chair of Business Administration have been working closely with Bochum‘s fire services for many years. On the basis of defined problems and using optimization methods they were able to generate various research findings which were not only published internationally in renowned journals but have also been put to use by Bochum‘s firefighters. For example, in 2016 a scientific analysis of the needs ot Bochum‘s emergency services was drawn up which formed the basis on which the requirements of the emergency services could be validated and as a result they were completely incorporated in the actual emergency services plan for 2018. Students of economics and applied computer science were regularly involved in the project and likewise made a contribution to the improvement in public safety through group work and final papers, which they enthusiastically presented to the fire and emergency services.