16.03.2015 - Exam Grundlagen der Mikroökonomik Winter 2014/2015

The exam in 'Grundlagen der Mikroökonomik' corresponding to the winter semester 2014/2015 has been marked, the grade should be visible in FlexNow. If you entered an email address in FlexNow, you should have received a personal email explaining your points in each individual question. Theree will be an exam review on 16 April. One week before we will let you know how to register for the exam review. Given that we expect many students to attendm, registration for the exam review is compulsory.

16.03.2015 - Information regarding B.Sc. Seminar

For information about the seminar 'Angewandte Mikroökonomik', including registration, please attend the first session on 9 April 2015 14:15-15:45 in room GBCF 04/411.

13.01.2015 - Course Information Summer 2015

The course overview for summer term 2015 has been released. It will be completed as soon as there are any updates regarding the time slots, rooms, etc.

22.08.2014 - Grundlagen der Mikroökonomik Winter 2014/2015

Information regarding the module 'Grundlagen der Mikroökonomik' ('Introduction to Microeconomics') can be found here.
Any additional information will be provided in the first session on Thursday, 09th October 2014. There is no need to email us with questions before the semester starts. Also, given the large size of the student cohort we cannot answer individual emails which ask questions that will be answered anyway in the first session.

17.07.2014 - Exam Information Summer 2014

The exam overview now includes information regarding the rooms where they take place. You find all the information here.

03.07.2014 - Important information regarding M.Sc. Seminar

The M.Sc. seminar 'Seminar in Applied Microeconomics' will take place as a block in October 2014 and the seminar papers will be written during the summer break.
To join the seminar, please send an email to appliedmicro[at] with the subject "Registration for the Seminar in Applied Microeconomics" by 20th Juli 2014 at the latest. There will be an introductory meeting on 24th July 2014 12:00 to introduce the seminar topics. Once you have emailed us, we will contact you with more information.

03.07.2014 - Course Information Winter 2014/2015

The course overview for winter term 2014/2015 has been released. It will be completed as soon as there are any updates regarding the time slots, rooms, etc.

28.05.2014 - Exam Dates Summer 2014

The exam dates for the modules of summer term 2014 have been released by the Prüfungsamt. They can be found at Teaching Summer Term 2014.

Another overview and a tutorial for the compulsory exam registration can be found at Exam Dates.

26.03.2014 - Course Information Summer 2014 & Teaching Overview

The course overview for summer term 2014 has now been updated and completed.
You can find the details of every module here.

There has also been an update regarding the general teaching overview.
The overview until summer term 2016 is available here.