English Language Modules - Winter semester 2018/2019

The List of English language modules might not be complete so please also check the timetables under the link below and directly check the websites of the chairs.

Bachelor Management

Module Lecturer(s) Type ECTS
Seminar Quantitative Decision Making Werners S 5
Management Game "General Management" Werners/Seidler Special Format 5
Kostenmanagement ("Cost Management") Knauer L 5

Abbreviations: SF: Special Format; S: Seminar

Bachelor Economics

Module Lecturer(s)
Introductory Labor Economics Bauer L 5
Foundations of International Trade Busse L+T 5
The Economics of Digitalization Saam L+T 5
Agent-based Modeling in Economics and Business Roos L+S 5

Abbreviations: L: Lecture; T: Tutorial; S: Seminar

Master Economics and Master Management & Economics

Module Lecturer(s) Type ECTS
Multivariate Statistical Methods Golosnoy L+T 10
Econometrics Golosnoy L+T 10
Seminar in Applied Econometrics Golosnoy S 5
Complexity Economics and Agent-based Modeling
Roos L+T 10
African Economic Development Busse L 10
Seminar Economic Reforms, Income and Poverty Busse S 5
Industrial and Innovation Policy Saam L+T 5
Economics of Migration Bauer L 5
Behavioral Economics for Environmental Policy Bauer L+S 5
Data Analysis using Stata Bauer S 5

Abbreviations: L: Lecture; T: Tutorial; S: Seminar